Friday, February 06, 2009

Create Tulle *new* plus freebies!!

i just added my new Create Tulle kit at Dusty Bear... a FAB tool for creating really lovely lace pieces. i love to use Satin Stitching with the tulle to make an embroidered effect for lace & doilies. SO fun to create with both of these kits!!

i've got a lovely lace piece i created with the Satin Stitching & Create Tulle and i wanted to give that to you so you can see the lovely way these tools can work together. find it HERE :)

and in case you haven't yet checked out Art Trails' Wired collection ~ it is a MUST have for designing! she's got a neat sample of a star showing a bunch of different finishes she created. you'll see how versatile her Wired products are when you see just a taste of what YOU can do with them!! find the Wired Sampler HERE!