Saturday, August 25, 2007

I have to tell you about this new site!

i have GOT to tell everyone about this FAB new site: they have this super cool concept where they recruited some amazing quick page designers & offer their pages along with the best digiscrap page printing i have seen EVER! Deb & Michael are the site owners & they are both professional photographers. Deb found digiscrapping a while back & like all the rest of us became totally addicted. they have a photography studio with a full printing lab & thought their & resources would work so well to put together this wonderful new site.

soooo... Bella Scrapbook is born! they offer quick page printing & the really cool thing is they will do some correction on your photos before they print them in the quick page for a really phenomenal price. the other thing is that you can print any page YOU'VE created with them for an amazing $3.50... and that's on high-quality archival paper. i have to tell you ~ i will NOT have my pages printed anywhere else now that they've printed some for me. i've printed some of my 12X12 pages there & they are absolutely gorgeous.

ok... have i raved enough about them?! i'm completely sold, if you can't tell & i wanted to be sure everyone knew about this amazing resource now available... so check it out! Bella Scrapbook :)