Thursday, January 18, 2007

Date Wheels are here ~ and a free sample, too!

Looking for something unique to add a date to your digiscrapped memories? Give these Date Wheels a spin!! You'll get everything you need to have so many different variations of these date wheels. I've included 4 different rims (or use them without rims), 4 different overlays, plus the template for the 3 different layers on each wheel. You colorize, cut from a background paper, or leave as-is. Add an overlay (4 are included) for added depth, grunge or texture. There are wonderful decorations to jazz each up, plus a myriad of different pointers to circle the date on the wheel. I've also included 3 pre-assembled wheels (in .PSD format) ~ making it even easier to play with these! The possibilities are endless!

I'm putting a sample here; you can use it to date your Christmas 2006 projects... but it will only be available through Monday, Jan. 22, so you have got to be fast!!