Saturday, July 29, 2006

Murphy's Law... my new buddy ;)

Remember I mentioned the possibility of glitches in getting my store opened at SBE? Well, I guess since I mentioned the remote possibility, it just HAD to happen! Ran into some of these darn little glitches getting things going, soooooo this means my new releases will be delayed another week to Sunday, Aug. 6. I won't even mention again the chance of more glitches..... ;)

In fact, we'll just turn this around into a positive ~ Another freebie QP! I'm hoping this will help tide you over until my new releases at SBE. If you are interested in the Resplendent Ruffles kits, you can also purchase them at my Digital Freebies store. (If anyone runs into trouble downloading this freebie, just leave a heads-up comment on this blog & I'll fix it as quickly as humanly possible!)

Oh! And how about another sneakie peekie of things to come at SBE? And I've got tons to get done for my SBE opening, so I may not poke my head in here for updating for a few days... please bear with me :)